We generally try to provide legal services on a flat fee basis but ultimately, the cost will depend upon the scope and nature of the work. For your convenience, the flat fees that we charge for the most frequently requested services are provided below:

Frequently Requested Services:

  • Drafting a basic Sub-Lease- $3,000

  • Drafting a basic Lease- $2,500

  • Review and Lease Negotiation- $1,500

  • "Strategic" Review and Lease Negotiation- $650

  • Simple Lease Review- $500

  • Simple Sub-Lease Review- $900

  • Most Contract Reviews- Usually works out to be about $100 per page, with a $400 minimum

  • Contract Drafting- Usually works out to be about $175 per page, with a $600 minimum

  • Review a Promulgated TREC or TAR form - $500

  • Form an LLC, Corporation, or Partnership, including filing fees and associated entity documentation - $3,500.

  • Form an LLC, Corporation, or Partnership, filing only - $650.

Benjamin Dalton's hourly rates:

  • Standard Hourly Rate- $225

  • Travel- $95 per hour

  • Texts/Emails- $15 per text message or email

Real Estate

  • 1031 Exchanges

  • Lease Renewals

  • Site Selection and Evaluation

  • Due Diligence

  • Acquisitions and Dispositions

  • Market Updates

  • Tenant or Landlord Representation

  • Tenant/Landlord Disputes

  • Property Management

  • Purchase and Sales Agreements

  • Lease and Sublease Agreements

  • Real Estate Contracts

  • Condo/Home Owner Association Documents


  • Contract Drafting

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Equipment Leases

  • Operating Agreements

  • Employer/Employee Agreements

  • Business Formation

  • Business Governing Documents

  • Demand Letters

  • Business Advice

  • Asset Protection

  • Entity Selection

  • Purchase or Sale of a Business

  • Business Brokerage

  • Due Diligence

  • As needed General Counsel



  • Contract Drafting

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Advice & Counsel on Contracts

  • General Counsel

  • Purchase or Sales

  • Same Pricing as Real Estate Contract Drafting and Reviews

Business & Real Estate Litigation

  • Real Estate, Business, or Contract Litigation

  • I represent plaintiffs or defendants in the following counties: Dallas, Denton, Collin.

  • I represent businesses or individuals in contract, business, and real estate disputes. Should a case go to trial, my client should expect to spend $8,000 to $20,000 depending on the subject matter and complexity of the litigation. Most cases do end up settling, and as such, legal fees are usually substantially less. Depending on the circumstances, the prevailing party at trial may recover a good portion, if not all, of their legal fees.

  • Demand Letters- $100 per page, $50 per page attached.

  • Litigation Work, hourly, at $225.

The Law Office of Benjamin Dalton accepts checks and major credit cards. Generally, our retainer for hourly work is $2,000. It could be less for matters that are deemed straight forward.